So you have the most perfect dress, you are prepared and anticipating breathing in the atmosphere and perfect styling of your ceremony and you have a lover that leaves you breathless. The thought of walking towards him on your day to marry him incites butterflies backflipping in your heart – but what beat will carry you down that aisle?

What will invoke tears of joy or happiness or lurches of emotion from your guests? What will set the mood and vibe that you desire? What will make you walk with wonder?



So how do you decide what song will create that for you?


#1. First and foremost, this should all be a reflection of you and your love.  If you don’t have any particular songs in mind, create a list of how you want to feel as you walk down the aisle as well as a list of who you are as a couple and try to find a song to compliment those emotions and express who you really are to each other.


#2. Live or iPod? You need to decide whether you want to go with a Live performance with a musician or musicians or have your favourite song amplified in it’s original format played from your iPod or a laptop. Traditional – think organ, string duos. quartets, flute trios (flute. violin. cello). Something a little different/modern – think guitar, electric piano, ukelele. 


#3. Classical or Other? Do  you want to walk down the aisle to the traditional ‘Here Comes the Bride’ or another more traditional wedding song? Or are you more of an acoustic indie song kinda gal? Or maybe something upbeat and exciting is more you? 


#4. Instrumental or with Lyrics? Instrumental can be a modern or a traditional song.  Just think, do you want the words? Or is it the actual score that speaks to you?



Consider these important elements to avoid tears (the bad kind).

#1. Some places of worship will have restrictions on the secular (read: churchy) music you can play. Check with your minister.


#2. Consider your space. If outdoors, make sure the PA system (read: speakers etc) carries the sound and if in a place of worship, ask  to hear their inhouse system pumping to make sure the sound is carried across your guests to incite emotion as you walk down that aisle.


#3. Noise Restrictions. If your ceremony is at a park or non-exclusive outdoor area, or any venue for that matter, check that you are allowed a PA system (read: speakers) for your music (iPod or live, both would ideally need some sort of projection).


#4. Make sure the song you choose is long enough for your aisle walk. Step it out, take into consideration a pause at the beginning to build anticipation, do a practise run and make sure there is enough time in the song so you can walk slowly and comfortably down the aisle. And if your favourite part of the song isn’t until the end, consider getting it cut professionally (or by a friend who knows how to do this perfectly).


#5. If you are playing a song from your iPod/laptop, BUY the song and get it in it’s full size rather than downloading it illegally. You want the sound quality to be perfect. You may not notice at low levels, however when it is alot louder it could distort/crackle a little – you want that perfect clarity.


And for something a little sentimental – ask your Mum what she walked down the aisle to, pick your Dads favourite song or artist (if appropriate) for that walk with him down the aisle or ask a family member (who has the voice of an angel…) to serenade you whilst you walk. Also, why not surprise your Groomey with the song rather than choosing this together, a last little gift to him just before you become his wife.


I would love to hear from you! What will you walk in wonder to? Or what songs would you suggest to other Bridey’s out there?