10 Days to Bridal Bliss Challenge


  • You need a kick in the shins to move you out of that wedding planning procrastination purgatory
  • You act the easy-breezy, relaxed bride – but really you’re feeling mentally overloaded at the list of what you ‘should’ be doing right now.
  • You’re taking the ‘head in the sand’ approach with your budget, closing your eyes tight and crossing everything hoping it won’t be so much that you have to sell your kidney to pay for it. Spoiler Alert: ignorance is not bliss on this occasion.
  • You want a cure to that serious case of insta-overwhelm, pinterest brain-freeze that leaves you with half finished mood boards and an inability to make a decision.
  • You want to be the most resplendent bride on your wedding day! With no worry lines, dewy cheeks and smiling eyes – you want “the glow”.


  • How to find your very own instagram-worthy wedding style – even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body.
  • 3 simple steps to kickstart your motivation and get you into planning mode.
  • How to guarantee that epic fun factor at your wedding – without costing you bucketloads.
  • The single BEST budget secret that will save you from blowouts, and a rundown of possible ‘surprise’ post-wedding costs.
  • Perfecting your complexion – sound advice on how to get “that bridal glow”.
  • Must-ask questions for you to put to your venue – we call this “the golden checklist”.

Let's eliminate the overwhelm together and plan your wedding like a pro.

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