To break it down – a Wedding Planner is a master of logistics. They have hundreds of events under their belts and bring all the pieces together – from sourcing the best suppliers for your venue, catering, entertainment, hair and make up, phototgraphers, videographers etc right through to creating the documents like a production schedule and master docuements to ensure for a smooth running wedding with perfect flow. A Wedding Stylist is all about the pretty. They style your ceremony and reception, bring in the beauty, create moodboards and suggest the best suppliers to use for each element of design – then bring it all together to create an atmosphere and a look (and feel) that is a true reflection of you as a couple.

At After the Rock, our team includes both wedding planners AND stylists – which is unique. We are renowned for our styling, however our foundations are in logisitcs and making your wedding run seamlessly. We understand the order of each process, we ensure nothing is overlooked and we fuse the aesthetically breath taking with perfect flow at our weddings.

You want to know EXACTLY what they take care of. Will your planner be attending all meetings with suppliers? Will they be handling your budget and paying all invoices on your behalf? Will they be there on the day of your wedding and handling every single aspect? Will they be there to notify you of invoice due dates, when final guest numbers are due, dealing with all your suppliers from emails enquiries to negotiation? Know what is included.

At After the Rock, we can do a little, or a lot. Depending on what your requirements, wants and needs are for the planning of your wedding. We very clearly state what we are so there are no surprises and nothing is miscommunicated or overlooked.

It’s great to go to a wedding planner that you absolutely love and crush on their past weddings – however have they worked with a budget similar to yours and know how to achieve a desired look?

We have worked on events with a $50,000 total budget right up to $450,000+. We know the multitude of suppliers to suit the varying spectrums and understand how to use your investment the best way possible to create a wedding only matched by flights of the imagination.

We understand finances are important. With that in mind, and knowing your wedding is like no other, we offer a unique and bespoke service where your investment is determined based on your personal requirements. To give you scope of how we work,
we have outlined below a number of options for your consideration.

We have a number of options starting from $500. To give you some scope on how we work, please get in touch by clicking here to learn more. 

You want to know you will be a priority. You are investing in memories that will last a lifetime, you want to know your wedding planner has the time to spend creating something truly unique. According to a recent study by the Australian Bridal Industry Association, the average wedding takes 250 hours to plan. With multiple weddings on the go, you want to make sure you choose someone who has time to make your wedding unique and a priority.

After the Rock creates only 10 weddings a year. We make sure the team isn’t stretched and we give you the time your wedding deserves – time to critically think about every element of your wedding, come up with creative concepts and re-work them until they are better than you could have possibly imagined. We give you time to think and make decisions with ease and our full attention, patience and support.

What have their past clients said about their service? And what do industry suppliers say about them?

It is so important past clients had an amazing experience, felt heard and had a wedding better than they could have possibly imagined. It is also important to know your wedding planner is respected in the industry, is very professional and has the experience to be able to create your dream wedding. We have provided some testimonials in the portfolio section. Please feel free to reach out for more.

You need to make sure your wedding planner and stylist can assist with this extremely important investment. This includes guiding you on emotional decisions, understanding the costs of every working part of your wedding and telling you where to save money and where it is importamt to invest your money to make the biggest impact. Also, make sure they know how to truly read a quote – from the graphic designer to your audio-visual provider. For example, sometimes you can drop some lighting without affecting the overall look of the venue and remove one part of your invitation suite to seriously save. It comes down to experience. Experience After the Rock has.

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During the first consultation with your wedding planner, did you feel heard? Were they understanding of your wants and needs? Can you picture yourself spending this important lead up to your wedding spending this time with this person? You do really create a bond with your wedding planner and stylist. They are on your team. Make sure you feel more than comfortable and confident they will put their heart and soul into planning your wedding.

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