This post is coming out the day before Valentines Day for a reason. It’s aimed at you. That gal that feels like Valentines Day snuck up too quickly, that thinks it’s the boys duty to do something and you’re going to sit back and watch them do nothing, that just maybe if it was super easy you just might do something for Valentines Day – as long as it requires little to zero effort, funds or ickiness.

And let’s face it, this is probably not your year to spend a cheeky hundred or two on gifts and dinner and expensive stuff for your man. You’re trying to save every penny to spend on your wedding dress / that epic make up artist / the photographer that will make you look like Miranda Kerr on her best day / that facial that will leave your skin fresher than a babys behind – it’s wedding year – not the time to splurge on insignificant dates that you normally don’t give a damn about. But you are engaged, so you probably should do something, right? Tis the season/day for love and all.


I know you may have some reservations about Val Day – that it’s so commercial, for try hards, to rub it in the faces of all the single ladies that they are indeed without a soul mate… but  Valentines Day is actually really fun to celebrate.


1. You get to spend precious time with the love of your life doing whatever the hell you want – no pressure to attend this function or do anything more than lay on a beach, watch a movie, eat copious amounts of food, get on the good foot and do the bad thang… whatever you love doing as a couple.

2. You can do fun cute little things to say ‘I Love You’ that will create lasting memories and leave a warm fuzzy feeling and make your special someone feel totally loved.

3. It’s exciting and fun to spoil someone for what feels like no real reason.


So what can you do cause you’ve left it super last minute? You can do these the night before or if you’ve run out of time today, no sweat, do it tomorrow. Don’t believe in Val Day? Do it just as a mid-week treat and surprise the pants off him.


1. I love You Like XO | I love chocolate so this would be amazing. And last a few hours… I mean weeks. months? You don’t need hearts – do it with his fave choc – like caramello koalas or packets of pana chocolate.

2. Tea for Two | I would love to make these.

3. I Woke Up like This | Well I would like to! And I may just leave it on my wall for a few weeks for funsies.

4. Dranks | Get a little tipsy with this manly and delish cocktail. Or for something seriously fancy pants, try this one.

5. Feelin’ Good | Learn in a few easy steps how to give him a great massage. Free and thoughtful!


And for the single ladies, if I still have your attention… Make this! Isn’t this just plain GENIUS!


So tell me, what are you doing for Valentines Day?