Sex on your wedding night has become somewhat of an urban legend in our modern times. (Almost) completely gone are the days where that white dress represented your virginal attributes and that eagerness to consummate the relationship. We party longer at our weddings, the send off at a reasonable hour is rarely seen, with Bridey and Husbandido often being the last ones on the dance floor.

So will you get on the good foot and do the bad thing on your wedding night?

A 2013 study by Philadelphia Brides Magazine found that 52% of couples did not have sex on their wedding night, while 90% were expecting to. This got me thinking… it’s time to bring back the SEX! I think there should be a little spotlight shone down on the wedding night because it is that first moment where you are truly alone as Husband and Wife. Man, those are some BIG words right there. You have just committed to forever with this soul lying next to you. Make it a memorable moment.

I get it. You have been planning this for a year, the day has finally come, you were in a make up chair for what felt like an eternity and have been centre of attention for a lot longer than you are used to. You are exhausted. Your Husbandido has pulled a hamstring on the d-floor, your feet feel like they have been torn apart by those beautiful brand new kicks and you just want to order a burger and eat some left over wedding cake and pass out.

So I’m going to make it easy for you.

It doesn’t have to be sex. It just has to be sexy.

Maybe all the excitement is urging you to sit up post wedding talking about what went down and share stories, or maybe a few too many drinks means this won’t be happening for you, however make sure you share a moment together – something intimate to celebrate that moment where you are alone, to say ‘hey, we did it, next stop: forever’. Some ideas for you:

Small Sealed with a Kiss – A long lingering kiss as you drift off to sleep

Small Soapy – Share a bath together

Small (un)Dressed to Impress – Let your Husbandido slowly undress you out of your Bridal gown

Small Play before the foreplay – get carried across the threshold, swap stories from the night, have a laugh together


Want to do everything possible to make sex a chance of happening on your wedding night?

So let’s get corny (and a little bit horny…)

#1 Sustain from Sex for 2 weeks before your wedding day. Create that insatiable appetite for each other by adding some anticipation and extra excitement to your night.

#2 Create the Vibe. Make a playlist for the bedroom. Think songs from the wedding to reminisce, or something that makes you feel sexy to set the mood. Dim the lights, burn some candles, even order a box of petals from your florist to be delivered to your room to scatter on your bed.

#3 Get some new, sexy lingerie. It may not work under your dress, but get something that makes you feel like a goddess – super confident and sexy – that you can slip on once the dress comes off. And if you only sleep in it? Any excuse for new beautiful under garments I say. And morning after sex is pretty much a sure thing if he wakes up next to you wearing THAT (if you need some inspiration, join me on instagram and facebook for Sultry Sundays).


And finally, don’t stress if it just doesn’t happen for you. You are not alone and it is certainly not an indication of what is to come in your marriage! There will be plenty of time for practice on your honeymoon.

So let’s get real. I want to hear your wedding night stories if you have already experienced yours. Did you or didn’t you?