It’s happened. The After the Rock pants are busting at the seams.  We are full to the veil with the coolest couples, and a waitlist of others chomping at the bit to get some ATR action, we’re ready to workshop across the country, launch something so new and exciting it keeps us tossing and turning at night and of course we have inspiring ideas flooding out of our skulls needing to be captured in your butterfly net and turned into reality.

So we are ready for you. We need you, we want you. Where the bloody hell are you?  


This is for you if:

— you are a passionate human. Passionate about people. Helping. Serving fully. More and better and faster.
— you are a scallywag at heart, wanting to break dance all over the status quo

— you have the skills of an event manager, the heart of a poet and the chutzpah of Rocky

So… do you want the job? Of course you do!

CLICK HERE to download the details and APPLY NOW.


This is for you if:

— you have a hard on for the sexiest of copy
— you know your way around wordpress and mailchimp like it’s nobody’s business
— you can see the problmn with thus centence – and want to rectify it immediately because bad spelling and grammar is offensive to you
— your nickname is Speedy Gonzales – but you keep it tight and most importantly right

Is this you? Go on with your bad self and

click here to download the details about this poppin’ position.



Gotta go, I’m hearing the ‘ding’ of my emails coming in hot and fast… I hope that’s you applying for your dream job and I CANNOT WAIT to meet you!


The jobs above are no longer available, however we are always looking for radical talent! Want to see if there is a spot for you in our pew? Simply email your CV to me with the subject ‘career me’.