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The 6 things you must discuss beforeyou start planning your wedding

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The dress code of your wedding can be a difficult choice to make – often a little Goldilocks in approach – you want it to be JUST RIGHT. It is right there on the invitation – one of those first sneak peeks for your guests into what they can expect the vibe of your wedding […]

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No matter how perfectly you have been planning, the lead up to your wedding can be a high pressure situation – whether it be organising the last arrangements, dealing with international guests hitting your shores and needing your attention or maybe packing for your honeymoon – you may be feeling a little emotional and overwhelmed.  […]

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‘Georgie, can you please set the table?’   For most regular children this would be a drag. A moan, a mutter under the breath, knives and forks haphazardly splayed in an informal fashion in the roundabout correct position and a serviette holder plonked in the middle of the table at record speed. Not to mention […]

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A perfectly structured frock can cover that hankering for weeknight icecream (*cough* messina), a perfect heel can hide you falling short and a good tanner can cover those disco bruises … But your skin is a different story. Neglect that puppy and it will reveal a thousand sins on your wedding day!   So last […]

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A carefully selected and perfectly tailored dress can hide a million icecreams, a strategic stylist can turn lifeless locks into cascades of flowing mane, your nails can be brought back to life with a clever paint job… But your skin is a different story. Neglect that puppy and it will reveal a thousand sins on […]

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Whether single or loved up, I love the idea of dedicating an entire day to relationships that make your heart sing. When I was a single gal, I aptly re-named it Gal-entines Day and spent the day with my single Besties with romantic email poetry, secret admirer cupcakes and blooms, rooftop picnics and lots of […]

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Long after the veil has been lifted, the I Do’s swapped and the last feet have left the dancefloor, the evidence of that love, joy and inappropriate hip thrust dancefloor moves from Uncle George are re-lived over and over again in your photos.   I wanted to let you into the head of someone pretty […]

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  DIY is not always a dirty word. There is something so lovely about creating some character to display at you wedding that you know was all you. From coming up with the concept, to putting it together with your (and maybe your bridesmaids, mum, future mother-in-law etc) bare hands and having the compliments flooding […]

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People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou   This week I want you to decompress Bridey. I am sure you are a little over talking about how Great Aunt Mary is going to get down the cliff face for your […]

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