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“Let Me Show You How To: Create Your one-off custom wedding that will leave your guests bragging about for years to come, PLUS How To Do All This AND STILL Make A Saving At The Same Time!”

Introducing After the Rock’s Wedding Consultancy Service With Georgie x


My promise to you: If You Do Not Recoup The Entire Cost of Your Investment With All the Savings Tips I Show You Then I Will Give You DOUBLE Your Money Back – 100% Guaranteed

  • Save up to 8 hours of your precious time per week (based on a study by Forbes magazine, 2012, that brides spend 9.8 hours per week on planning their weddings) by following my tried & tested sure-fire wedding planning formula -basically I’ve done all the hard work for you!
  • Save BIG bucks (the average cost of an Australian wedding was between $36,000 & $48,000 in 2012) Let me show you how to keep under budget & not scrimp on quality
  • Save hours of beauty sleep as you relax in the knowledge that nothing (and I mean nothing!) has been overlooked – follow my proven wedding plan and every i will be dotted & every t crossed to make your day one in a million


Dear Miss Bridey-to-be,

Well firstly let me say, a massive congratulations to you and your lover on your engagement!!

I imagine a whole range of emotions are flooding through your body right now from tingling excitement, back flipping butterflies in the depths of your tummy, a little anticipation, a nerve of two and if you’re like most brideys – a whole plethora of ideas about how you want your special day to be!

You don’t just want the wedding of your dreams – which bride wouldn’t?
You want the most incredible, thoughtful, breath-takingingly beautiful once in a lifetime wedding day that is a reflection of you and your love and a day that money can’t buy.
You want the real deal.

The kind of wedding all your guests say was the best wedding they ever attended. That was so memorable it will still be talked about for years to come. And was such a perfect representation of your relationship, it oozed love and light and is worthy of a blog or magazine feature because it was that incredible!

But to create a wedding like this – you know, swoon-worthy, off the charts, mind-blowing heart stopping amazingness – you would normally need to hire a high end celebrity wedding planner.

And they don’t come cheap – prices start at $3,000 minimum and go up in excess of $15,000 if you want something completely bespoke. And they don’t always get you and your wedding needs. And let’s be honest, no-one will ever love your wedding like you do.
But here’s the thing. If you try to do it without a wedding planner, you’ll probably end up in a heap on the kitchen floor worn out with exhaustion (and probably drive your fiancé insane in the process!)

Because as you’ve probably gathered by now, weddings don’t just create themselves – every single last detail from the lace detailing on the back of your dress, to the flavour and style of wedding cake to the colour of the cloths has to be carefully thought through, sourced and agonised over hundreds of times.
And this takes time.

Time I imagine if you are in a busy, demanding job, you just don’t have. In fact did you know the average bride in Australia spends a total of 9.8hours a week organising her wedding (Forbes Magazine) and 90% of the planning is done by the bride?
So if you do want that kind of magazine exclusive wedding and you don’t want to throw thousands of dollars at a wedding planner or you just don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, that’s where I come in.

Georgie Duddy, The Bride’s Best Friend and Founder of After The Rock Wedding Consultancy Service and

Your wedding, your way, your
savings, your perfect day!

I have the all tips, the templates, the steps, the sequences, the guides, the suppliers, the questions, the answers, the vendors, the venues, the contacts – the you name it – that any high end celebrity and super professional Wedding Planner has.
Except I come at a sliver of the cost.
I am a wedding guru and I help you create the wedding you want.
I offer 3 amazing wedding consultation packages according to how much hand-holding and one-to-one time you need and it’s my promise do my absolute best to deliver you your perfect day and save you money in the process.
(In fact, if I’m not able to save you money I offer you double your money back on your investment. But more on that later!)
Whether you put it down to my co-directing an award winning event management company for 7 years, or my obsession with finding the most incredible suppliers, or my infatuation with being inspired on a global scale through research in styling and unique presentation …. when you choose one of my wedding packages I guarantee to give you the best of everything.

“I cannot believe how the incredible processes you put in to place for me made planning my wedding an absolute dream and exciting experience! I was one happy Bridey in the lead up, and blown away by how it all came together to look prestigious, beautiful and better than I could have ever imagined! Not to mention, feeling totally blissed out on my wedding day, knowing that every I was dotted and every t crossed for a smooth running day. Thank you G and After the Rock!”

Julia Mason, London England

About Georgie


So before I share with you all the amazing details of my After The Rock Wedding Packages and how I can help you create the WOW wedding you deserve (imagine the gasps of your guests as they enter the venue for the first time!) I’m guessing you might want to know a little bit more about who I am and why I am so passionate about helping brides…

So here’s the short version:

I was in the events industry as Director of an award winning event management company in Sydney called Belle-Laide Events for 7 years, sold my business, had a year off, fell in love, took a year for myself, travelled all over and came back to Sydney, followed my heart and created After The Rock.
I love shiny things, walking amongst the trees and breathing in nature, the smell of the earth after fresh rain, swings, being inspired constantly, the sound of laughter, the sparkle in a soon to be brides eye, the glow of love. And last, but almost certainly first, my Marc.


And if you want the longer version…

I started my career as director of an award winning creative corporate event management company in Sydney. Here, I developed the most streamlined and effective logistics and professional event planning skills. I also had an incredible passion for making my client events moments that would stay in their memory reel forever.

After seven incredible years organising ground breaking corporate events, I decided to pack up and follow my heart. When wondering where your heart is, one must look to where your mind goes when in wanders – and mine went to the incredible world of weddings.

My friends and family often refer to me as ‘human google’ – especially when it comes to all things weddings. From the tricks and tips from a professional planner through to where to find the best of the best from beauty therapists to health specialists, graphic designers to calligraphy signers. I literally do have the A to Z of anything you could possibly need! And because I just love helping brides, my passion, enthusiasm and my friendship comes out in force to help you.

Here’s a couple of other stats about me to show you I mean business:

I was Australian Event Awards Finalist for event management company of the year – finalist 2010 and YMEA Youth Ambassador award for leadership – finalist 2009.

“you are simply amazing! Thank you SO much Georgie, I cannot properly articulate how much your time has meant to us! #youbroughtusbackfromprocrastinationpurgatory Haha you are a gem! Georgie – I just want to say thank you again for popping round with your incredible insight and help. You are a Wonder Woman and it is such a wonderful gift you have spreading the love without the stress!”

Rachel O’Reagan

So now you know a little bit more about me, let’s look at how I can help you!

My After The Rock 3 Super Rad Promises To You:

Promise #1

To deliver you the wedding beyond your dreams and to give you the very best of everything:

I don’t do cookie cutter style – weddings that I repeat over and over again. With me you get individual, personalised, bespoke wedding days utilising the best tried and tested suppliers in Sydney and all catering to YOUR intended budget.
And here’s another thing about me. I don’t do average weddings.
I’m not an average girl and if you’re reading this page then I’m guessing neither are you!
I only work with Sydney’s premier suppliers, vendors, caterers and entertainment. They’re the kind of people who regularly win awards, appear in magazines, and supply to all the key parties in town.
So if you want the best, you’ve come to the right place.

Promise #2

To save you money:

There are no trumped up management charges, no ‘custom’ price for your ‘custom’ items, no over-inflated costs on the suppliers I recommend, no hidden extras, and certainly no back-handers for me.
What you see is what you get.
Great quality at great prices.

Take for example my little white book of contacts which contains all the contacts I have collated over the past 7 years including award winning caterers, the same venues some of Sydney’s best CEO’s use and most of the premier suppliers that I know and trust. (Diamond Package only)

Not only do I give you exclusive access to all these contacts but when you use After The Rock’s name, you also get the best price – sometimes saving you as much as 10% on the use of a venue. (And when you consider that the venue hire takes up about 20% of your overall budget this is a no-brainer of a saving!)

On that note, let’s talk costs …because weddings don’t come cheap and you might be thinking well this Georgie sounds fab but can I really justify spending even more on our wedding? (Or if you’re like most of my brides – you really want to hire me but can you persuade your hubby-to-be into agreeing with you?! I’ll show you how in a just a minute!)
So here’s the thing – the average cost of a wedding last year in Australia was $36,000 (IBIS WORLD 2012) going up to $48,296 (Cost of Love Survey by Bride To Be Magazine)
And if you want an above average wedding then you might even be prepared to pay more.

Here’s the good news:

When you put your faith in my know-how, expertise and contacts I will show you how to save enough money that it recoups back the cost of your entire investment of whichever After The Rock Programme you choose.

That’s right. You get your money back AND you get your wow wedding!
So, if you can save money on the venue or the suppliers and STILL have the best of everything wouldn’t that be a great thing?

And if that doesn’t persuade your Groomey-to-be I don’t know what will!
On top of that, when you do invest, I give you permission to use my name to get some cheeky discounts with all my treasured contacts. (Diamond Package only)

And yes, many wedding planners have their suppliers, but if they aren’t in my ‘little white book’, trust me they are not worth knowing. I pride myself on really ‘getting’ my clients, understanding what it is you want for your big day, and doing my best to deliver.

Promise #3

To save you time:

You won’t be spending anything near 9.8 hours a week organising your wedding because I am giving you your time back. I am taking away the stress.

I am making your dreams come true, minus the blood sweat and tears.
I am saving you the relentless hours of research only to realise you just don’t know which supplier who to trust or how to be the glowing beautiful, happy, stress free and proud Bridey on the day.

And whatever you choose to do with this extra time (more you time, some R&R, loved up times with your Groomey-to-be, get things sorted at work before the honeymoon) is up to you.

But at least you have the option.

“Getting married in the South of France, being based with my fiancé in Singapore, seemed like a fairytale… until we started the planning. Starting with literally hundreds of Chateaus and dealing with french speaking vendors was the least of our problems! We decided on the After the RockDiamond Package and it has really saved our wedding!
Georgie really took my hand and was truly the brides best friend throughout the process. From her caring and enthusiastic nature to her impeccable style, she has really made the process a complete breeze and customised it to be the best of the best at every turn, and created something for our wedding that is better than i could have ever imagined. Thank you Georgie!”

Paige Macgregor – Singapore

What To Expect When You Join After The Rock…

So without further ado, let’s get a look at just 12 of amazing benefits you’re going to get when you join me…

#1. Save You Big Bucks

Not only do I help you sneak past those huge management fees, I help you understand what you really do and don’t need. I keep your budget on track.

#2. Super Rad Discounts

You have my full list of After the Rock supplier discounts and upgrades. You will have access to them all. Literally thousands and thousands of dollars to be saved to keep everyone happy! This alone will recoup the investment fee of the program. (Diamond only)

#3. Save 10 Hours per Week

Follow my tried and tested wedding planning formula and you need spend no more than 2 hours per week on planning your wedding. Saving you 8 hours on the average Australian bride!

#4. Easy Communication

My surefire suppliers list suited to your specific wants and needs will be the easiest way for you to connect with those tried, tested and trusted people who will be part of your wedding day ‘family’. (Diamond only)

#5. No Budget Blow-outs

There are absolutely no budget blow outs on my watch! You’re going to be an expert budget manager – I provide your budget template and checklist so you know it’s all there, and you stick to your budget however large or small it may be.

#6. Sweet, Restful Sleep (no waking up in cold panics here)

There are absolutely no budget blow outs on my watch! You’re going to be an expert budget manager – I provide your budget template and checklist so you know it’s all there, and you stick to your budget however large or small it may be.

#7. No More Queues

Skip the waitlist. Not only can I provide you with the contacts to that incredible trainer to the stars to make you look like you had always imagined on your day… or that beauty technician who will make your skin glow, but I can also give you a fast-track push to the front of the queue if you stick with me. (Diamond only)

#8. Become a Planning Pro

I will make you a planning pro – food tasting templates, questions that only the experts ask, table plan and confirmation sheets – all the templates you need to put your mind at ease and hold that responsibility from all involved. This isn’t a practise run! Don’t leave anything to chance.

#9. A Cure to Overwhelm

Don’t worry if this all seems a lot because it’s all going to be provided in bite sized pieces, week by week to keep you right on track. This fool-proof method will ensure every little detail is taken care of, with precision and absolute ease.

#10. Creative Genius

Creativity is my thing. Don’t know what style your after, or you do but don’t know how to achieve it? I have the best contacts for DIY, vintage, glam, hipster, classic, you name it – I’ll provide it. And don’t know how to tie it into every aspect of your wedding? My comprehensive storyboards will represent visually what you want to achieve. There is no confusion with suppliers when it is all visually laid out, with comprehensive descriptions also included. There will be no gaps to slip through. (Visual Storyboards are Diamond Only)

#11. Speech Nerves Banished

Speeches should be a momentous and heart warming experience at your wedding, but for most they are the cause of bouts of anxiety and create fear in even the strongest of us. My complete briefing sheets to all parties involved for speeches and MC are the perfect solution, along with handy tips for how you can approach the difficult conversation of what your Dad can and cannot disclose i.e. wetting the bed til you were 15 and your string of boyfriends prior to your fiance… INAPPROPRIATE DAD.

#12. Stranger Danger!

Many families also stress the concern of how the two families will get along on the wedding day. I have the answers to how to make this a more common ground and have everyone feeling comfortable and excited on the day, all these secrets will be shared with you.


There are all those things that you thought would be a breeze, that can often turn out to be the most difficult aspects. I help with tailors for any budget for the groomsmen, suggestions on bridesmaids dresses based on your overall wedding style and what you picture on the big day. .

“Georgie and the team at After TheRock have been so amazing, eliminating all of the stress involved in planning a wedding!
I am getting married in January and thanks to Georgie and the team at After The Rock, I am completely stress free!! The advice, templates and planning tools have allowed me to put together my dream wedding without the help of a dedicated wedding planner!
G and the team at ATR have provided me with the tools and the confidence I needed to plan the perfect destination wedding for 150 people and I would highly recommend their outstanding service!
The advice, planning tools and templates have equipped me with all that I need to feel totally on top of everything.

Alexis Einfeld – Sydney, Australia

As I mentioned I have two packages available so whatever your budget, whatever your fancy, where you are in the world, I can help you create your fairytale wedding.

Here’s a brief overview of the 3 packages available and then in the table below you can see exactly what’s included at each level and make your decision which one you want:

After the Rock Diamond…

Ideal for: Brides who want the deluxe version & personal contact with me
Location: Sydney
Delivery: Portfolio & online

This is the deluxe version for the bride who wants the best. I include everything from Gold but this time I also personalise the contacts to suit your wedding so it’s 100% unique to you. I even include creative mood boards created by an award winning stylist. And if all that wasn’t enough you get my time with 1 x 2hour session and 3 x 1 hour consultations included. For now, this package is personalized to brides getting married in Sydney only.

After the Rock Gold…

Ideal for: brides on a shoestring who like to plan at a steady pace
Location: Worldwide
Delivery: Online

Completely online and universal to any bride anywhere in the world, each module will be unlocked week by week. For example, week one is everything you need to know about choosing the perfect venue including venue inspection templates, the 30 must-ask questions you need to ask the venue managers, how to request the best quotes, how to negotiate with venues and more. And that is just one week.

And here’s exactly what you’re getting…


Your Investment

As you can see the total value for all this is worth a staggering $69,082 with the gold level alone worth $24,894!

But don’t worry, I’m not asking you to invest anything near that. I don’t agree in charging ludricrous sky-high prices just because it’s your wedding and therefore I should mark up the cost.

And even though I’m offering my one-to-one time with the Diamond package (that’s where you get my full personalised expert attention) I’ve not even calculated the costs on what my time is worth – which is $5,500 per hour.

What I have done is created sensible prices for the sensible bride.

Why? Because I sincerely and honestly want to help you have the wedding of your dreams AND do all this at great value – and that’s why I’ve managed to go rock-bottom on all my packages AND on top of that, also given you an additional 20% discount when you invest upfront!

That means if you invest today and pay in full you get a 20% saving off the pay in full price of whichever package you choose!

Check this out for unbeatable value:


Payment Plans Available

If it is easier to pay in instalments, I offer 4 instalment payment options (which include an additional 10% administration fee and obviously the 20% pay up front discount does not apply so charges are marked on the before discount price) so please ask me on booking and I will do my best to accommodate you!

You don’t need a million dollars to plan the wedding of your dreams. You just need to be informed, inspired and guided by the best.

I also ask for a refundable $100 deposit when applying for either level of my program. This is because I truly only want to work with you if I believe I can help you. If you are not successful with the application, it will be immediately refunded. If you are successful, this will go towards your chosen plan level (i.e. deducted from the final cost).

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

If in the unlikely event of you using every ounce of material and information supplied in your chosen After the Rock package… and after following my strategies and tips for at least 12 months – you actually don’t save more on your wedding than the total package price you have paid for my services, I will refund you in full immediately and double your money back.

Yes, that is correct, I am offering you a complete double your money back guarantee should you not recoup your investment.

You have nothing to lose, but absolutely everything to gain.
All I ask in return is you show me proof of you of how you faithfully put these plans into action.

How To have that wedding that surpasses your every dream

To take advantage of this incredible offer, all you need to do is sign up below to book your spot, with a simple deposit payment of
As you can see from these knock-down prices, I’ve tried to make it as bride-friendly as possible please do not delay!

Complete wedding planners may charge what seems like a reasonable fee, but may not have the contacts you desire. They can also have those hidden mark ups or special deals in place with preferred suppliers – creating the same wedding time and time again.
Do you really know what you are getting for your money?

I am completely transparent, I don’t receive any backhanders for the contacts I give you, there are no trumped up management charges. What you see is what you get.
I would love to help you create your amazing day.

But warning! If Diamond (only the best!) is calling you, you must act fast. Due to time constraints I only have 7 places on my Diamond wedding planning service.
I’d hate you to miss out so please either call or email me today.

One hour with me would normally set you back in the region of $1,999 but if you choose my Diamond package you get well over 3 hours private time with me for nearly a grand less than that if you book today and pay in full!

As I said, if you can’t manage to pay in full, I do have payment plans available on all of the packages should you wish them. All you need to do is ask!

So come join me and learn all the secrets, claim back your time ,save money and be in the ‘stress free’ bride club!

I look forward to taking you on this incredible journey with me. The light is so bright white at the end of this fun ride.

I cannot wait to see that beaming glowing bride… that’s you!!

Happy planning bridey!



PS Remember, with only 7 spots on my exclusive Diamond Package, you must act fast.
PPPS To take advantage of this incredible offer, all you need to do is click below and book your spot, with a simple deposit payment of $100.