Your wedding should be your dream come true? Right? But when you close your eyes and drift off at night, are those ‘dreams’ falling under the ‘nightmare’ category?  Tossing and turning, anxious sleep patterns and eff’ed up wedding disaster nightmares are all conditions many soon-to-be Bridey’s complain of… so what exactly do they mean? And how the hell can you get them out of your life? 

Every dream actually has a purpose. Whether it is to warn you, inspire you or get you motivated – there is a reason behind each story your brain tells you when you are sleeping. Understanding your dreams can really give you a deeper understanding of yourself – and help you sleep sweet in the process.

Dreaming dramatises and exaggerates your inner most thoughts or gut feelings to get your attention.

Those films playing through our mind while we sleep are triggered by Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and utilises a deeper layer than the cortex (the part of the brain we use when awake) hence why they can be extremely emotional.

So what are some of the most common wedding related nightmares?  

1. Not being ready

Bridesmaids being naked, your hair and make up not done to perfection, chipped nails or walking down the aisle looking far from picture perfect? This really is the most common nightmare. Yes – it can be because you are feeling very unorganised or fearful of forgetting something super important.

However some other interpretations can explain how you are feeling. Wrong or inappropriate clothing can be that vulnerability – wanting everything to be perfect and feeling judged. Needing a pedicure – can be a grounding issue. And something missing can represent you not feeling emotional supported. Messy hair can also represent a mental or emotional agitation.


You see the back of his head as you float down the aisle, when your butterflies of excitement turn to pangs of panic as he turns his head and it’s… your nasty ex, or EGADS, your best friends boyfriend!

You are making a huge commitment, marrying the love of your life, however this can make you reflect on past lovers. It is a totally natural dream, and in most cases you wake up, see your love next to you and let out a sigh of relief. It can also mean you are questioning your partners involvement with the wedding planning process or his commitment in a certain area of your relationship. Sit down. Have a talk to him. Communicate to resolve the fears you are having.

3. family feuds and misbehaving guests

You are rushing around trying to stop family fights, your drunk Uncle George from joining in on the first dance or your bridesmaids from eating the cake before you have cut it…

Weddings are not just about you, they are also about your family and friends all coming together – often with some opinions of their own and this surge of emotion can cause some tension. If this is a repetitive dream for you, look to your relationships with those closest to you. Any unresolved issues? Sit down with those people and talk it out. If not for the relationship, do it for your beauty sleep!

So what can you do to quell the nightmares and welcome the ‘dream’ dreams?
#1 Get prepped for the perfect sleep

Before your head hits the pillow, take some time out. Pour yourself a non-caffeinated herbal tea (think peppermint, chamomile, lavender infused), have a warm shower or bath, switch off from social media and tv. Pop some lavender oil in water and spray it on your face, in your room and on your pillow. Ask your dreams to guide you into peace and think of 3 things you are really grateful for in your life as you drift off.

#2 Meditate. Breathe. Relax

Take some time out and refocus to get you out of your head. Never meditated before? The lovely Melissa Ambrosini has a great guided meditation series that you can download and just sit, relax and listen to. Just 10 minutes a day for a peaceful mind and smooth sleep is totally worth it, right?

Another trick I do to calm the mind on waking and before I go to sleep – 5 deep breaths. Breathe deep into your tummy – in for 5 seconds, suspend the breath for 20, breathe out for 10 seconds. Simple but effective. Try it! 

#3 plan like a pro

If you are feeling like you are constantly in fear of forgetting something, are spending too many hours trawling pinterest trying to decide on a style rather than working out what is a true reflection of you as a couple or/and you are stuck in Bridey Procrastination Purgatory  – get some ‘cheap insurance’ in the form of professional help. Online checklists don’t take in to consideration your personal inclusions, your particular venue or your plans on how you want the day to run. So get some one on one. You only get one chance at your wedding day  – professional and experienced wedding planners have had many dress rehearsals and know what can go wrong and know what to look out for to ensure your wedding isn’t remembered for all the wrong reasons. If you choose your planner correctly, the benefits truly outweigh the investment.

So there is no reason not to sleep sweet now Bridey! What crazy wedding dreams are you having? I would love to hear in the comments below!



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