The minute you become engaged, the planning of your wedding is floating around your mind constantly. The truth is, you are a busy Bridey – wedding aside. So you need that ease of access to all things Wedding in the palm of our hands. Enter – the most important apps you need for your wedding right now. There are thousands of wedding apps out there claiming to be THE ULTIMATE wedding app. However to actually sort through them all and find the diamonds in the rough would take you forever and ever. And even then, how are you meant to know which is the best app for YOU? And are there better ones out there that you might potentially be missing out on?


I have tried out literally hundreds of apps. From the onset, some seem great! They promise to plan your wedding for you! I buy it, then find it contains terrible advice, misses out vital steps, has poor usability, gets annoying fast or just doesn’t do as it advertises. So after all that research, these are THE apps you need.*bonus … you can use these puppies well after you get hitched. They are (mostly) all keepers!


I am starting with the cream of the crop first and foremost. When it comes to inspiration from across the globe, this is your go-to app – full of incredible images that are truly next level. Google images is for the rookie – Pinterest is for the creator, the dreamer, the inspired. And that’s YOU!

Even if you feel you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you have eyes and you have an opinion and you have feelings – and this app will help you start to make decisions in cultivating your wedding style. When it comes to finding decor inspiration, looking for the perfect wedding dress, finding that incredible wedding band, getting invitation wording inspiration – you can get it ALL and so much more from Pinterest.

Some people just don;t get Pinterest, or find it overwhelming. That’s because you may be doing it wrong. So… Where do you start? Sign up for an account and start creating boards and pinning – some suggested boards would be Hair and Beauty, Invitations, Dresses, Ceremony, Tablescape, Floral – start following my personal pinterest account for further suggested boards – and also to start following some of the people I follow. It’s often about WHO you follow just as much as what you pin. You want to follow like minded people. When you start pinning, you may see a pattern is occurring. What jumps out at you the most? What do you keep coming back to? Can you see your wedding style forming?

Pinterest also allows you to have private boards that noone else can see – for any element of your wedding that you want to keep away from the snoops such as your dress.  I have a tutorial on how to use Pinterest like a pro in my new e-course I am creating. But for now, just get pinning!


2. Mint

If you haven’t started a wedding budget – don’t pop your head in the sand. Firstly, you could suffocate… and secondly, believe me when I say no matter your budget you can have everything you desire at your wedding, if you just get your priorities right. After discussing what you can afford to and are willing to spend on your wedding, Mint allows you to set a budget, helps you with tracking expenses and also will help you budget and plan in the future.

It will also assist in decision making – when you see that the custom crystal cut glassware is going to cost more than your wedding dress you may reconsider certain items.


This is the most weddingy of apps that I have listed. But it’s a goody. I find this wedding website creator super easy to use and aesthetically awesome. There are many wedding website apps out there, but I have not found many that have both of those qualities.

This customisable website keeps your guests informed about all the aspects of your wedding, can manage your RSVPs, gives all the details for your wedding registry and is particularly great for international guests or destination weddings for accommodation suggestions and local activity and restaurant options. And it’s so easy to set up.

My favourite little detail is the ‘meet the bridal party’ component. You can pop pictures and a little description about each member of your bridal party. I think it’s important to emotionally invest your guests into your wedding – make them feel comfortable and give them some ammunition to spark up a conversation with your bridesbabes and groomsmen. It is also great for the actual bridal party if they haven’t met or got a chance to know each other prior to the wedding to know a little more about who they will be walking down the aisle with post ceremony.


It’s no secret that eating beautifully healthy and nourishing food and moving our bodies makes us feel and look amazing. We want to look and feel our best all the time, but there is no more motivation to glowing good skin, a bangin’ body and feeling full of energy than the thought of walking down that aisle in front of your closest friends and family. And having it documented in photos for all of eternity.

Tracking your food and fitness is the best way to hold yourself accountable and My Fitness Pal makes it so easy.

As an added extra, journalling how you feel each day then referring to My Fitness Pal, will also help you determine which foods and exercises lift you up, and which ones don’t make you feel your Bridey best.


No, it’s not just all about showcasing your latest selfie-stick masterpieces. Instagram is such an incredible place to find local suppliers. Start by looking for wedding blogs you love on Instagram – see who they follow, who they showcase. And expand from there. @aftertherockweddings I always reference where my images came from so you can click through and purchase that ring you love or contact the florist that did those incredible hanging florals or get that incredible baker to make YOUR wedding cake.

It’s also a great way to research your suppliers. Looking at a fab florist and want to see what they have worked on recently? Or tossing up between two make up artists or hairstylists and just can’t quite decide? Instagram will often show the best up to date imagery of their work and give you some more ideas to help you decide what you want. And not to mention, it is an amazing place to look for wedding dress inspiration – follow your favourite designers and favourite Bridal Shops to see what is dropping instore and to go direct to the source in some cases.

And once your married, it’s a great option to create a #hashtag for instagram – grouping all the photos from your day in one place.


Some honourable mentions

Wedding Happy is great for the list maker who thrives on a to do list and kicking goals, Spotify is great to start working out the songs you will be playing at your wedding and Wedding Party is great for sharing photos with your guests and collecting from them also.


And not so much of an app, more of an online purchase – Melissa Ambrosini’s Meditation Series – keep calm, motivated and zen throughout this whole planning process and get meditating. As the infamous T. Robbins says ‘If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life”, so just sit the hell down for just 10 minutes, listen to a guided meditation to set up your day or use these to sleep sweet at night. No meditation experience needed for her series.


Have you got an amazing app that is helping you plan your wedding? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!