Wedding Hair Wear can be disturbing. Like viciously blindingly, creepsville. Don’t go Google Wedding Hair – no seriously, don’t. It’s nightmare material for a good week or so. All those OTT up-y do’s with super bling town and birdnests of extensions in tight ringlet curls with giant bouffante veils…. And as a soon to be Bridey this can be a scary source of inspiration. I understand that it is a HUGE decision for you on how to wear you hair, and just as importantly … what to wear in one’s hair. I’m here to give you my dose of some of the incredible beauty that is out there when it comes to superstyling and adding to your locks.


Start Here: Roll with your wedding theme and dress style. Make sure the style you choose suits you, your overall wedding theme, the season you are getting married in and your wedding location.


Hair adornments come is all shapes, sizes and styles, and there really are no rules. Well there are, but those rules are outdated, and of course made to be broken.

Here are some of my current faves, but remember these can be customised to suit YOUR wedding style. For example, you don’t have to be a boho bridey to rock beautiful gilded headpieces. This would work equally well with a modern white wedding. So take some inspiration with you and go dream up your most desired look.

And if you are set on your style, consider these options for your bridesmaids or flower gals.


Princess Botanica – Flowers are the earth laughing so bring some of that joy through to your headpieces. Different face shapes suit different styles. The full ring is gorgeous for thin faced brideys, however I’ve found round faces suit a one sided or half ring floral accessory. Make sure you test this out pre wedding! You may not be able to get the exact flowers you want as they may not yet be in season, but give this a test run with your incredible florist to see the style, and potentially colours, that suit you best. And keep in mind that your head is rather warm – so choose flowers that can sit out of water for a day – like roses, fressias and lisinthus.



Gilded – Golden hair encasings can be minimalist, regal or even enchanting pending on which style you choose. Make sure when trying these styles on that they are comfortable, suit the hairstyle you want to wear on your wedding day and that they stay put once placed aka have a zero slippage factor.



Boho Bridey – feather crowns, plaits, daisy chains, flowing feathers– this style really has many facets of interpretation. Perfect for outdoor weddings and more casual affairs, this portrays your beautiful free spirit to your guests, a comfort level which will resonate through the whole order of celebrations. If your feathers have been treated, make sure the colours are non transferable so it doesn’t brush onto your hair or dress!



Love on Top – headpieces come in a range of looks – from delicate to gypsy chic. With these coming in and out of mainstream fashion, you can really try a lot of styles and see what is essentially YOU, or have one custom made from a jewellery designer to really match your dress, style and vision for your walk down that runway to ‘forever’ town. Again, make sure the headpiece you choose is comfortable and attached like it’s a physical part of you! On your wedding day Comfort = Beauty.



Broken record alert – if you follow our insti and facey and twitter you will notice I constantly refer to you dancing to your own beat / doing it your way. And this is no exception! Express your personality through your hair wear. We want a ‘here comes the bride’ not ‘here comes the hair’, so make sure your choice accentuates your look and adds the perfect amount of beauty to your glowing presence.


And one final tip – remember that it is not every day you get to wear a hair accoutrement, so really consider your options and make it a special choice for you.

Now see, that wasn’t so scary! Goodluck my brideys and have fun with this!


P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the magic and mystery of a veiled bridey… it’s coming soon and I can’t wait to share that with you!