There is something truly magical about a winter wedding . The crisp air beckons rosy cheeks and snuggly moments, and those eerily dark skies make for incredible wedding day stills. Not to mention amazing venue availability and interesting blooms – but I digress…


When waltzing down the aisle, you are probably so hopped up on love energy, excitement and pure bliss  that the elements don’t flee into your thoughts for one millisecond. However on reflection, you may think those photos of you hugging your loved one scream more desperation to get warm than comfort in their arms, and your bridesmaids goosebumps and strained happy faces may  just take the place of that pure joy they want to feel in that moment.


FIRST THINGS FIRST | consider your dream day dress and your gal pals threads. If ever there was a time for sleeves, this is it! Long sleeved goddess gowns are pouring from beautiful boutiques so get online and get inspired!


So you’ve had a look, and sleeves are not the option! Or even if they are… Enter the Cover Up!


Go with what works with your style and what will suit your Frost factor (e.g. a huge fur could be a little OTT for temps over 17 degrees Celsius). I am a little in love with the wedding cardi; make sure you take some shots with and some without, or what about some gorgeous blanket shots. These cover ups can also work as a great bridesmaids gift – a gorgeous gillet or fur wrap-around (go vegan with a faux if preferred) – now that is something they most certainly will treasure.


And for the boys | either throw some of those heat gel packs down their pants (positioning optional..) or get them to layer with gorgeous cashmere beneath, or instead of, their jackets. That rugged warmth will exude through their smiles.




So move over summer fling, the winter romance is where it’s at!  Enjoy this time my winter brideys, and let me know what you will wear this wedded winter!