The idea of standing in front of your dream lover and making a commitment to them brings up emotions that only a dress could express.

Whether you like them slim and firm fittingly figure hugging, breezy and beautifully laced to perfection, or bangingly bright to really turn heads and cause a stir, the choices at your disposal are far-reaching, with endless styles, shapes and hues. So you’ve done a little research and got a budget in mind , or if you haven’t, start here.


So now what?

Shape Shifter | I know you have an idea of what you love, however really consider exploring cuts that you wouldn’t normally wear. Trust those bridal boutique experts – They see brides of all shapes so will have an idea of what will truly accentuate your favourite features.

Not always so clear cut, there are some basic rules that you may want to consider.


Tall and slim brides who love their shape can rock silk satin, bias cut, fishtail, ballgowns, princess style – let’s be honest it all works. So just go for what reflects your personality and make sure you are comfortable.


Think slim and simple for petite brides. Keep in mind that strapless and fuller styles can make you look shorter and you could get a little lost amongst the fabric.


For our curvaceous sisters of the hourglass kind, show off that waist. Cinched strapless with an A line skirt can truly show off your curves.

If you are more voluptuous, simplicity can be bridal chic. Try a fitted bustline with A-line from under the bust, and keep clear of those flimsy or satin fabrics that can be a little less flattering.


Hue’s clues Ivory, cream, off-white and oyster still seem to be the most popular of colours. Not many opt for pure white, because let’s be honest, not many can pull it off. That’s not to say you can’t re-write tradition. Colour can really inject your personality into your wedding. Pretty in Print, Bueno Gelato, Gold Rush, Glitter Gulch, Lady in Red, Metallica, Navajo nation – ok so you get the gist, this is your day! Do it your way!


This is usually your one little secret and surprise for the groom, so enjoy it, it’s a gift – be thoughtful. Your emotions and personality will be beaming from your chosen dress and will be the centre of your mind that will live forever in your memory show reel.


I can’t wait to see what you choose!