Wedding etiquette, rules and traditions create a list longer than the nile, and it can be completely overwhelming as a soon-to-be bride; cue – sweat inducing nightmares worrying that you have forgotten an important rule or two…

But rules are made to be broken. So here I am, breaking this down: what is the correct etiquette when it comes to your wedding? I love a little tradition, don’t get me wrong. There are some timeless elements of a wedding that make me swoon, like your father walking you down the aisle and throwing the bouquet to pass on the wedded bliss luck. But there are also some that probably don’t represent you, your partner and your journey together.


So here are a few to make you think:


Old school | you must wear white on your wedding day
New cool | let’s be honest, most of us are on the other spectrum of pure, which was the whole reason we had to rock the white. These days, make sure your wedding day attire suits you, we talk about that here. So go with a colour you love, or a pant suit, or a gold sequin dress. Whatever screams you. Also, on that note, the length is also negotiable! If your legs are your fave feature, then flaunt them with a short frock!



Old school | the brides parents  pays for the wedding
New Cool | sure, your parents may want to keep it traditional and foot the entire bill, however these days there are a few more options. For example, many Bride and grooms parents pay halvies, the 3 way is also very common (both sets of parents, plus the bridey and groom) or many couples are optioning to be ballers and pay for it themselves. So do what works for your family dynamic.
keep in mind – he/she who pays gets a say. It’s a gift so be grateful and thoughtful when planning with someone else’s generosity.



Old School | Ceremony seating is based on brides side and grooms side
New Cool | If your fiances family is huge, and yours tiny is can be really nice to have them mix it up and even out the sides. Also, this is a great opportunity for a first intro before the reception and to share a very special moment together- because we want strangers to become family on your day. People will tend to naturally gravitate to the left for bride and right for groom, however instructing ushers that people can sit anywhere, or cute signage will get the point across.



Old school | bridesmaids must match
New Cool | Hells no! there is something so beautiful about bridesmaids repping something that suits their own personal style. Whether it be a different cut with the same fabric, individual dresses in the same colour palette, a variance of shades of one colour or even completely different dresses with a similar theme like ‘sequins’ or ‘vintage’. Anything goes.



Old School | your registry should consist entirely of whitegoods and other homewares.

New Cool | With many couples already living together prior to the nuptials, you are often pretty sweet when it comes to homewares. Not all guests (*cough* grandma) will adhere to this, and still opt for a toaster, however these days you can register for anything! From getting your guests to contribute towards that amazing couch you’ve been eyeing, a honeymoon fund consisting of particular restaurants you want to visit and accommodation costs, through to skiing equipment! There are some great free websites that create these, ad



So think about each rule or tradition – are you doing this for you? To make your family happy? Or simply for traditions sake? Keep the traditions you love, ditch the ones you don’t.



So what tradition (if any) would you ditch brideys?