So there you are, staring into the eyes of your love, those butterflies are doing mid air backflips and he seems to be tying up his shoe… Um no, there is a glint of sparkle coming out of his pocket and before you know it, a life changing moment just happened in a heartbeat. So now, drumroll please, you’re engaged!!!! Arrrggghhhh!!!!


You are super excited and jumping around and then here comes that dark cloud of anxiety… what the hell comes next? who do I have to tell straight away? they have sooo many questions HELP!


So here’s my advice on the Top Five Must Do’s the month of your engagement! This will help you breathe a little and soak up the loving moment!


Start by Stopping | Really live in the moment and enjoy this time with your brand spanking new Fiancé! Breathe deep and relish the moment, and take a few snaps of you together straight after that incredible moment for your own personal memories.


Write a List |  Quickly jot down the significant people in your life. Whether you choose to wait until the day after the engagement and celebrate solo, or buzz your loved ones straight away, make sure you notify the significant ones in your life personally. You don’t want to offend anyone who would expect a personal phone call, rather than a facebook notification. It is your engagement, however nothing worse than a sooky-lala quelling that moment.


But before you call | Be prepared because you will be on the phone for a while. You’re probably going to be asked these three questions so prep a response to get through all your loved ones as quick as possible!

  • How did he propose?
  • Tell me about the ring! They’re after the shape, the style of band it’s on and colour (if any coloured rocks)
  • When and where are you getting married? You’re just absorbing it all in, so you may want to say simply ‘we’re thinking summer next year’, just give them something.


Get a mani | everyone will be staring at your hands, so fix up those talons. And for some festive fun, I am quite partial to a feature nail – i.e. add some sparkle or a different colour to your engagement finger nail. Draw even more attention to that baby.

Ask these simple questions | Sit down with your Fiancé and answer a few of the basics – this doesn’t have to be set in stone, however now is a great time to nut this out and have a clear understanding what is important to the both of you

  • Where and when would you like the wedding to take place? Think: Destination wedding vs a local celebration? What time of year? What time of day? And in how long are you thinking approximately until you get married i.e. 6 months, 2 years?
  • Are there any religious requirements for either of you? Do you want a non religious ceremony that has a spiritual tone?  How will you incorporate more than one faith?
  • What style of wedding do you have in mind? Think Formal sit down dinner, a casual canapé style afternoon tea and everything in between.
  • Do you want an Intimate or a large wedding? Many factors may determine this for you, like your intended budget or different cultures and family sizes.



That will do for now! Just enjoy this time with your love and stop staring at your ring… that new sparkle has been known to cause spontaneous running into poles whilst walking and minor car accidents. So be careful!


The rest will come soon enough. For now, just breathe! For a lot of you, this may be the first large event you have organised, and it may just seem a bit overwhelming at first. But stick with me, cause it can be a dream with the right help and streamlined and professional processes!