I’m not sure if you’ve heard… but my friends and clients refer to me as ‘Human Google’. I get texts on the regular asking about anything – apart from everything wedding related – they also want to know the latest amazing restaurant openings, where to get those incredible linen sheets, anything from what podcast they should listen to through to what to buy their mum/sister/bestie for their birthday. 


I have forever been completely obsessed with finding the best of the best and the coolest of cool in every field. I spend hours a week researching and looking for the most jaw dropping things in weddings and events – and on that path stumble across some pretty epic stuff. 


5(ish) Cool Things…


will not always be totally wedding related – sometimes I’m just helping you find a delicious recipe to cook tonight, sending you something to watch to lift your day up a notch, giving you the 411 on what trends are up and coming and just casually helping you become #lifegoals. You’re welcome.


This email will land in your inbox if you sign up below, or you can find it here on the blog, every fortnight. I’ll keep it to 5-ish quick links for you to have a look at, I know you’re busy and just want a quick Friday hit. So here goes.. the 1st ever 5(ish) Cool Things!


I made this ridick delicious breakfast this morning (and whipped up a few extra’s to make it easy to grab on the go – totally obsessed)


I can’t get this movie out of my head… LOVED it.


If you lose your wedding ring, look here.




These puppies would be stunning to wear to your hens or pre-wedding drinks.


annnd one more (see.. I said it would be 5—ish). I just bought this toothpaste and am loving it. Plus it looks super pretty in my bathroom. 


Please feel free to hit me up here if there is anything you would like to tell me or if there’s a topic you’re super interested in. The topics will constantly change and be purely what I’ve collected along the way and feel like sharing.  


I so hope this is useful to you,


Georgie x