Time and time again, there is one element of my bridey’s weddings that seems to be a point of little or delayed discussion – your arrival. It is often the element that gets left until last minute, or one area that many try to save some cash. Before you decide to cut it completely or put it on the ‘later’ list, read on as this can be a really fun, iconic and truly memorable element of your wedding.


Traditionally it was the Groomey’s job to organise the cars. This is something they often froth over, boys + engines = love. Give them a brief brideys, answer these questions and send him a little Transport Cheat Sheet and why not pop it on his list?


Start here!

Consider your overall theme to your wedding. For example, if you are having a vintage themed wedding, modern Aston Martins may not fit the bill. Chat to your partner about what you both envision.


Hire Time | How long do you require the vehicle? Do you need transport to the ceremony and from the ceremony to reception? If you are doing photos in between remember they will need to wait for you also.



How Many?

  • traditionally from origin to ceremony – Car One bridey + brideys father | Car Two Mother of the bridey + bridal party | Car 3 groomey and his main men.
  • and from ceremony to reception (if required) brand spanking new Bridey and Groomey roll in car one, brides parents and party in the second, and the groomeys parents in the third.

As always, this is traditional – however do it your way… many are opting for fun combi buses or mass transport so keep that in mind.


Size and Comfort | He may want a fully sick Ferrari, but remind him that you may need to fit 5 bridesmaids and your dress needs to have room to make it to the wedding uncrushed. Also, with vintage cars, remind the future Mr to your Mrs that if you are having a summer wedding you don’t want to melt as many vintage cars are sans air con.


And ask them | if the mode of transport carries rugs, umbrellas and refreshments if you so desire. Make sure the dress code of the driver is suitable to your wedding and also confirm that they allow their cars to be photographed.


The tear jerker

This can be a really emotional and sentimental journey for you. Often that ride, if you choose to take it with your father to the ceremony, can be a moment to reflect on your life together so far. His little girl is all grown up and this can be a time to share your appreciation of his support and endless love for you.

And fast forward to after you have just been pronounced legally hitched, think of that excitement and moment of still that you could have with your love on the way to the reception or prior to the photo moments. It’s pretty darn special, someone hand me a tissue…


And now, drumroll pretty please, in my opinion, The top 3 absolute best ways to rock up to your wedding!


Vintage Wheels I am my fathers daughter and am a sucker for beautiful vintage cars. Current obsession, a vintage mustang. The access to these beauties is pretty accessible these days with vintage car motor clubs loaning their members cars. I like the idea of the owner driving you to the ceremony, or give this job to a close (and reliable) friend or family member!


Ride my Pony Ginuwine said it best… actually no, he didn’t. that was a creepy creepy tune. But I really do love the idea of riding in on a horse to a country or coastal wedding. I am enamoured by recent styled shoots with long flowing bridal dresses, manes plaited with gorgeous blooms and a stunningly groomed horse. OTT – yes, and if out of context it can be a truly cringeworthy moment, but what a photo op and such a thrill to handle that ‘wild steed’ before you walk down the aisle!


Wet I die for a Riva – a polished wood boat, of Lake Como fame. If you have a waterfront view at, why not arrive in a beautiful boat. And what a prefect time to reflect with your partner, that ‘can you believe it, we’re hitched’ moment as you fly across the waterways and take it all in.



Also consider family friends cars, your own car if you love it, classic cars, two wheels, helicopter, seaplane, minibus, limo or if you love your fixie pushbike and your dress permits, why not deck it out with floral bursts and cruise into the ceremony. There are so many options, roll with what screams YOU.



So, how will you arrive on your dream day? Give me wildest dreams kinda stuff, how far would you go with this element?