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Bridesmaid Proposals. Yeah, It’s A Thing

Bridesmaid proposals are a thing now. #Bridesbae duties can (unfairly) get a bad wrap. With your favourite babes about to embark on this journey with you, you want to make sure they know how truly special they are to you – and let’s be honest, it’s pure bribery, they’ll be organising your hens so if you want to avoid a cheap heroin-chic stripper, penis straws and a half-a$$ flower crown you best be making an effort at the front end.

Google ‘bridesmaid proposal’ and you are bombarded with cringe-worthy poems, hand made hankies and trashy trinkets that will get binned faster than pharlap.


How I did it…

Lady Grey roses with gold sprayed stems tied with lashings of ribbon and accompanied by a gold foiled on cotton paper with a natural deckle edge with black linen envelopes. I practically wrote essays to each of them and got tears, squeals of joy and heaps of insta-re-posting and praise



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