You can really FEEL a wedding that has been shrouded in chaos, stress and doubt during the planning stages. To me, it oozes a skittish, tense and uncomfortably structured vibe – or to you it may feel like something just wasn’t quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it.


In my personal opinion, it starts breeding from the get go. From the inception. From the Rock. You get engaged and it’s on. The pressure from all angles – every member of your family and your friends that have ever been married are giving you advice – whether they were married 50 years or 5 minutes ago – you’re getting tagged in every wedding instagram post, you get lost in the bottomless pit of imagery that is Pinterest and you just don’t know who’s advice to take, what look to go for and where to start! … so you do nothing. or at least nothing helpful, productive or getting you anywhere closer to that dream wedding.


That feeling of confidence, pure joy and ecstatic excitement on your wedding day all comes from not standing on solid ground.



Want to know how to get on the road to achieving that Bridey bliss? These are my golden rules for a happy beginning to result in the most wonderful wedding day.


1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. ‘Cause it’s all smoke and mirrors. 

No matter how many times we’re told, we still choose to believe our eyes. I have been on many a styling shoot and guess what? Dresses are pinned in strange places, the model only looks knock-out from a particular angle, lighting can cover all sins and don’t even get me started on photoshop. Take a moment to think about what the best YOU would look like on your wedding day.


That’s not to say we can’t smooth out a bump or two, creating the perfect version of your body from the base and THEN choose that perfect cut of dress for you. Beauty also comes from comfort, feeling comfortable in your own skin and knowing your bra won’t pop out of your wedding dress, not to mention your undergarments doing the opposite of what they are meant to be doing and creating pockets of bulge that don’t normally exist.


Sarah Cohen, Simone Pérèle Lingerie Stylist, explains that you should be looking at your best features and promoting those elements that you love FIRST, finding your perfect shape, before buying that dress – “to create the perfectly proportioned silhouette, we must first start with the foundation. Establish what features you want to highlight or camouflage and allow a fitting expert to present you with the correct options. Once your silhouette is refined, it’s time to adorn the form with the perfect dress”.  



2. Enhance your best features.

One feel good act to start off this journey is always a great start. Get one seemingly easy win in to boost your confidence. Rather than trying to tackle a huge goal – maybe it’s weightloss for you – trying to be that ‘perfect’ bridey size, counting every kilojoule (or calorie) and work out to a point of exhaustion and setting yourself up for failure – start with something super small and achievable that will breed confidence and make you feel good every day you look in the mirror.


Consider an instant facelift of the non-surgical kind. Your brow’s really frame your face, enhance your features and having them professionally groomed, shaped and styled can really make a huge difference. Brow expert Jazz Pampling explains “beauty is about confidence” and creating that perfect brow will enhance your features meaning that you often feel you need less make up after having your brows done.



3. When starting with planning your wedding, Start with the basics.

It is so important you get on the same page from the get go with your partner. If your foundations are rocky, the whole process is going to be that way. Have that (sometimes) difficult conversation with your partner to really find out what is important to you both right at the beginning.


From your priorities to your non-negotiables, for example one of you may desperately want to get married in a venue that oozes memories and family history to you and that is non-negotiable and you may both agree that excellent food and wine is a top priority for you both. This will help with those more emotion based decisions down the track – You can download my ATR funsheet (see footer below) to assist in getting on the same page, get it in writing and use this as a reference to refer to down the track!



4. Practice Gratitude.

It’s a bit of a buzz word at the moment, and I know you have heard it all before. But are you actually practicing it? Because it is a game changer.


Before hitting the pillow,  think of 3 things you are grateful for. No matter how crazy my day has been, it can be as simple as ‘I am grateful for the bed I am sleeping  in tonight’ to ‘I am grateful for the love I feel for my love’. Just pick three to start and warm your heart before bed. It puts everything into perspective and can bring a new kind of love into the wedding planning process for you.


I recommend the essential oil Gratitude. I like to pop three drops in my hand, rub it in a circle three times and breathe it into my heart. Or simply rub it directly onto your chest. Want more info on this, touch base here!


It really is about the foundations and starting on the right foot. Where will you start? Which of these practices will you adopt immediately? I would love you to tell me in the comments below!