With Mothers Day fast approaching, it’s made me think about what a special day my wedding is not just for me, but for my Mum. I’m the baby of the fam, the only daughter and the self professed favourite of both parental units. 


Your Dad gets all the glory on your wedding day. He takes that final car ride with you before your status changes from ‘single’ to ‘married’, he struts on down that aisle with you, beaming with pride and get’s to make a hilarious / sentimental / tear jerking speech – but what does your Mum get?


My upcoming nuptials have also made me reflect on what torture it must be for my Mum sometimes to have me as a daughter – we have an amazing relationship and she’s a saint – but me, not so much. I definitely did not inherit her monk like patience, her ability to keep things tidier than a Japanese classroom or the ability to arrive early to, well, anything – special mention goes to her infamous early airport arrival, she eases through customs and is smugly enjoying a tea and a massage as I skid into the terminal, practically throw my bag over 10 people in the check in line, and shimmy through customs with fingers crossed and bated breath that i’ll actually make the flight. 


In the lead up to your wedding, why not make this time a little special for your Mum too. And hey, it’s Mother’s Day, so if this isn’t your year to get married then steal an idea or two to spoil her and show her how much you love her.


Just the two of us.

A gals trip to (insert wellness retreat complete with daily massages / infrared saunas / facials here) would be a great bonding experience. My mum will see right through this – but just to make it clear… your shout Mum? In all seriousness, if you can’t get away together then take her out for a special coffee date, a walk together, go get facials, maybe a ladies lunch or matching manicures – just the two of you. Use this time to swap stories of your favourite and funniest childhood memories, ask about what it was like to be a Mum to you and talk about how she’s feeling about the wedding – it’s a HUGE moment for her too.


Express Yourself.

Pen to paper. Fingers to keyboard. Make a collage and post it on instagram. Make a mix tape / spotify playlist. Paint it. Create a status update. However you communicate best, get those words / emotions / feelings about what she has done for you, the best advice she has ever given and what you respect most about her. This can be given to your Mum on your wedding day or hey, why not Mother’s Day.



Yes, she’s always told you you’re gifted, special or as we say in our family, advanced. But I’m talking about actually getting her a special present to show you care.

Special shout out to the Mums of the world. May you be spoilt AF this Mothers Day. And spoiler alert – sorry Mum, I didn’t get you the Saint Laurent bag…