Let’s be honest… the wedding is all about you, the Bridey. It’s about your dress. It’s about your favourite flowers. Your bridal party. Your shoes. The decor you adore. The list goes on. Weddings are often seen as a ‘girl thing’, So how do we make this a little more about HIM?


You know, HIM, the love of your life, the guy that makes butterflies do backflips in your tummy, THE ONE that you will be sauntering down the aisle towards to promise forever and ever. How can he really put his stamp on this day too?


Standing there at the end of the aisle, that gorgeous man of yours is that first sneak peek into what your guests can expect for the rest of the day. It sets the tone for the wedding and also can be an amazing surprise for you too to see him in a  suit that truly screams him. 
So here are 10 + 1 tips to pass on to your Groom and his Boys so they too can get a few stolen glances.
1. Quit the corporate culture. You should look like you are getting married, not about to do a PowerPoint presentation.
2. You want to always look the sharpest on the day. Regardless of the dress code you have appointed for your guests, stand out by being the best dressed.
3. Splash the cash on tailored rather than a pricey off the shelf number. Sure, you want to look a trillion bucks – and this only happens once in your lifetime – but just remember an impeccable cut will trump an ill fitted Tom Ford any day of the week. And remember – fit follows form – make sure the fabric you are choosing sits beautifully on you – bad fabric choice can = a bad fit.
4. If you don’t have a clear vision of what you would like, try on different colours (from light coloured suits through to dark navy’s and blacks). Really explore the spectrum to see what suits your complexion and reflects how you want to look on your wedding day.
5. If getting your suit tailored, discuss the option of having your pants fitted minus a belt – a belt makes your pants fall differently.
6. Consider having the date of your wedding embroidered under the colour of your suit.
7. A Bow tie is a nice dapper touch. It gives a ‘dressed up’ feel even with the most casual of suits.
8. If having their suits tailored consider different lining colours for their suits and you could even have their initials embroidered on the inside on their jackets.
9. You could even have different shirts for the guys to reflect their personalities under their suits, or for a more subtle touch – each wearing a different tie in the same pattern suite is a personalised and cool look.
10.  If you don’t love the look of floral buttoniere’s – and let’s face it, they often don’t sit quite right and can be a bit naff – consider having pocket squares for your groomsmen.
10+1 aka 11. Give your groomsmen rad socks as a little gift. I personally think they also look super cool under a nice suit.
So now, I would love to hear from you!  In the comments below: how would your groom show his personality in his suit? And what would you love to see him wear?