Sleep. It’s considered a dirty word. The bragging rights of getting up at 5am for spin class, staying up ’til 2am to finish a proposal and only getting 4 hours sleep were once a badge of honour and a way to say ‘I’m busier and more worthy than you’. At no time in your life is sleep more important than when you are a Bridey-to-Be. It can absolutely wreck havoc on your life. You have your 9-5, exercise, your friends to hang with, your future husbandido to play with – not to mention all your other responsibilities – and you are adding planning a wedding to the bill. And with the average Bride spending 10 hours a week planning their wedding (think about it… Instagram and Pinterest and research. OH MY) sleep takes a backseat. 


So just how important is sleep? Creativity, ingenuity, confidence, leadership, decision-making; all of these can be enhanced simply by sleeping more. “Sleep deprivation negatively impacts our mood, our ability to focus, and our ability to access higher-level cognitive functions,” say Dr Stuart Quan and Dr Russell Sanna, from Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine.


And it’s not just about going to bed earlier – lying in bed, tossing and turning, watching TV, on your phone…. it’s about a good, solid, drift off into slumber and wake up completely rested, refreshed and ready to take on the day.



So how do you get more of the good stuff?

I find the best way to encourage more incredible, deep, refreshing sleep is to have a nightly routine. The morning ritual has the limelight, and I am a huge advocate, however never has the nightly dance been more important.


I’ve added small changes along the way, one thing at a time and over time come to the conclusion that this is my best ever night time routine.


Brain Sweep |  You’ve heard me bang on about it before, but yes, meditation to clear the mind and stop that epic pacing it likes to do after a whirlwind day is essential for me. I do 5 minutes of just breathing deep into my tummy, exhaling through my nose, eyes closed in a quiet spot. Or Mel’s deep sleep medi if my brain is particularly active and not wanting to shut down.


Love the Skin You’re In | My routine includes an exfoliating cleanser,  incredible eye cream from here (eye doctor, the ultimate!), brightening complex and redless serum or The Moisturiser.  And I moisturise my whole body too.


Smell-tastic | A spray of lavender oil on the pillow to encourage deep relaxation is a must.


Get | This pillow. With this pillow case. Seriously. Bye bye sore neck, bed head hair and ageing sleep creases.


Easy Endorphin Release | The BF and I share 3 things we are grateful for so we drift off to sleep with a smile on our faces. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. They (or you) may be resistant at first, but it’s a winner for your relationship.


Honour your Bod | Slipping into some silk gorgeousness – like this beauty to feel amazing and let my skin breathe all night long.


Hydrate | Always a glass of water before bed and sometimes I down a sleepy teaif I am in the mood for the deepest of sleeps! (and strictly no caffeine after 3pm)


The Game Changer | Once I have set my alarm, I throw my phone away from my bed. Like literally hurl it out the door. Don’t check it over night (did you know just looking at the time clicks your brain ON and will lead to a disrupted sleep), put it on NO buzz silent (your alarm will still go off normally) and don’t look at it until your alarm has gone off. It’s a hard habit to break at first, I was that gal who checked her emails at 1am, 2am, 3am… you get the drift so I feel you. However this has definitely been my biggest sleep game changer.


This routine literally takes me 10 minutes.



So you have done the routine night after night, you have it down pat and now it’s the night before your wedding. You are going to have teh most epic of sleeps and wake up feeling your most refreshed, beautiful and glorious self. Ever wondered what you and your bridesmaids will wear the morning of your wedding? Get in on that sleepwear goodness now! Aussie gal * Natalija the Label has created a range just for Bridey’s. With the frustration of finding something beautiful to wear that wasn’t cheese-o-rama, uncomfortable and ridiculously expensive, she created an incredible range with you in mind. A couple of her gorgeous deisgns are in that picture up above. Check the full range out here – a great idea also for Bridesbabe gifts.


So just how important is sleep to you? What is your nightly ritual? What changes are you going to make tonight?